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Whistler Skydiving
PO Box 64
Pemberton, B.C.
V0N 2L0 Canada

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Whistler Skydiving was founded by brothers Steve and Mike Smith. The idea for Whistler Skydiving was born while we were working in the tourism industry in Interlaken Switzerland. Interlaken is a haven for adventure sports, and this is where we experienced our first skydives. One jump and we were hooked and after learning to skydive in Interlaken, we knew it was going to be a big part of our future.

It was then we decided we wanted to open our own dropzone in British Columbia, and over the next few years, we began to research locations, regulations, and applicable laws. Growing up in Vancouver, BC, we frequently would drive to Whistler to snowboard in the winters and Steve would bike in the summers. We knew Whistler needed skydiving and we honed in on the Pemberton Airport which is one of the most scenic valleys in the world.

Over the next year, we hashed out our plan to bring skydiving to the Pemberton Valley. After sourcing staff, equipment, and our beloved plane ("GBUS"), we were in business and opened our doors to what would be a spectacular first season.

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