Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: Will the weather affect whether I am able to jump or not?
ANSWER: Yes, the weather is important, few clouds and light winds are ideal for skydiving but are not always the case. Our qualified staff will make a weather evaluation on the day of the jump.

QUESTION: Can I use my own camera on the jump?
ANSWER: For safety cameras are only permitted to be carried in flight by licensed/experienced jumpers. We offer options where we can take pictures/video for you during your skydive.

QUESTION: Is it OK if I have a beer/joint to help me relax before the jump?
ANSWER: Absolutely NOT. You can not have any alcohol, cannabis or illegal substances in your system when you jump. Please do not consume any of these the day of your jump or you will not be allowed to board the plane.

QUESTION: What is your COVID policy?
ANSWER: We are committed to following all government recommendations for COVID safety, on site policy may change as new information is presented.

QUESTION: Should I skip breakfast? I have a sensitive stomach.
ANSWER: We recommend sticking with your normal routine, usually when changes are made problems can occur.

QUESTION: I have Injury “X” or ailment “Y” is it safe for me to jump?
ANSWER: A moderate amount of dexterity is required to complete a skydive. We do not recommend jumping with any injuries or ailments and can’t provide any medical advice, we suggest consulting a doctor before making any decisions.