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Located in Pemberton, British Columbia, Whistler Skydiving is the best location for a thrilling skydive.

The ultimate thrill

Your tandem skydiving experience with Whistler Skydiving will include a scenic flight with views of the mountains and the valley below as you make your way to an exit altitude of 10,000 ft above the ground. Once we reach our jump altitude, you will exit the plane attached to your instructor and experience the adrenaline of free fall before opening the tandem parachute at about 5,000 feet!


$369 CAD

+ tax


exit altitude


approximate freefall


parachute opens


slow carving descent


$95 CAD

Capture every moment

Choose from a video of your skydive, edited with music, or a collection of photos for the most epic profile pic or both! Photos $95 CAD + tax, videos $115 + tax, combo $160 + tax.

World famous views

World famous views of scenic Mt. Currie, Pemberton and Whistler

Experienced Instructors

Exit the plane attached to your instructor and experience the adrenaline of freefall

Every moment captured

A collection of photos and videos taken by your instructor during your jump

About us

Whistler Skydiving was founded by brothers Steve and Mike Smith. The idea was born while we were working in the tourism industry in Interlaken Switzerland. One jump and we were hooked.

It was then we decided we wanted to open our own dropzone in British Columbia. Growing up in Vancouver, BC, we frequently would drive to Whistler to snowboard in the winters and Steve would bike in the summers. We knew Whistler needed skydiving and we honed in on the Pemberton Airport which is one of the most scenic valleys in the world.


The best experience ever!! Our instructor Jake was amazing and made me feel so comfortable before and during the skydive. Views were unreal. Highly recommend everyone to check a skydive off their bucket lists.


What an experience!! I had an amazing tandem jump with Sally, I was not nervous whatsoever and she made it extremely enjoyable! Steve the owner is super friendly, and runs a great business! I love the doggies there to pet while you wait to jump as well. The videos and pictures are definitely worth the extra $ too! Would definitely come back again!!


Best location for skydiving. Beautiful scenery and instructor Steve made it more fun and beautiful. I would recommend Steve as a instructor.


Thank you Steve! You are awesome dude!! 100% recommend this company, my first skydive and what better way with excellent, professional and rad instructors with those beautiful peaks! Steve is a pro and a great tandem to help you along the way. The scenery is absolutely mega. Don’t hesitate, get booked now otherwise you're missing out.


Frequently asked questions

Will the weather affect whether I am able to jump or not?

Yes, the weather is important, few clouds and light winds are ideal for skydiving but are not always the case. Our qualified staff will make a weather evaluation on the day of the jump.

Can I use my own camera on the jump?

For safety, cameras are only permitted to be carried in flight by licensed/experienced jumpers. We offer options where we can take pictures/video for you during your skydive.

Is it OK if I have a beer/joint to help me relax before the jump?

Absolutely NOT. You can not have any alcohol, cannabis or illegal substances in your system when you jump. Please do not consume any of these the day of your jump or you will not be allowed to board the plane.

Should I skip breakfast? I have a sensitive stomach.

We recommend sticking with your normal routine, usually when changes are made problems can occur.

I have Injury “X” or ailment “Y” is it safe for me to jump?

A moderate amount of dexterity is required to complete a skydive. We do not recommend jumping with any injuries or ailments and can’t provide any medical advice, we suggest consulting a doctor before making any decisions.