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Why We Are Different

Whistler Skydiving takes pride in the little and not so little details when it comes to skydiving. We only use UPT Sigma Tandem Systems, the industry standard in safety, redundancy and reliability. As required, all of our tandem systems have AADs (automatic activation devices) for automatic reserve parachute deployment.
Our rural location and smaller team allow our instructors to spend more time with their passengers creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere, which relieves some of the anxiety that comes with being a first time jumper.

Attention to Detail

Safety is always our number one priority. With over 15 years of experience flying and jumping in the mountains of BC, we have an excellent knowledge of local terrain and conditions that allow us to provide an exhilarating visual and sensory experience that you will not soon forget.
Our certified Tandem Instructors have combined for thousands of successful skydives that will put you at ease and help you focus on the fun and beauty of a skydive in the mountains of BC.